Starting Small

Remember how I mentioned that Kevin + I visited the Beaux Arts Festival every day last weekend? Well, I'm back to show you what we picked up!

For the past five years, we've been attending this same festival... always admiring, but never quite being in the position to start collecting. This year we were hopeful to find at least one piece in our price range. Fortunately, with some careful deliberation we were able to come home with two items we love... which now comprise our entire art collection. You can say we're starting small!

The first piece that we picked up is an etching titled Book of Birds by Marina Terauds. The amount of detail in this original print is amazing. I can't imagine how much time it must have taken her to create the plate, with its 19 different species and what seems like hundreds of thousands of stippled and hatched marks. I love that each bird bears a tiny banner with its scientific name!

We've decided that the perfect place for it is in our entryway. All we need to do is have it framed and it'll be ready to hang! Here's a look at what the space currently looks like. Pretty plain, huh?

Right now, this wall is home to a framed photo that we took in Portree during our honeymoon. We love the image and the reminder of our time in Scotland... but the print itself just seems too small for the space.

With the additional width that the frame will provide, I know that it is going to be much more appropriate for this area. Plus, what a nice little flock to be greeted by upon walking into the house!

The second piece that we settled on is a print of Whole World Atlas, an oil painting by Ken Orton. It's from his series "Light Preserved" and looks incredibly realistic. I can't get over the sharpness of the letters and how well he's captured the light! Notice anything in the print that may have influenced our decision to choose this one?

Orton's originals are impressive at 36" x 54". We'd love to someday hang one on our wall. {Twin Towers and Three More Brothers are on our wish list, if you're the gift-giving kind! Ha!} Until then, though, we're happy to display this much smaller copy.

Considering its subject matter, we've always known that this one is destined for the kitchen. It will actually hang on the other side of the same wall from our entryway. We'll just have to find a better home for the picture that's currently hanging above our cookbooks. It's one of my early favorites of us: a "self-portrait" taken in Balboa Park during our 2007 trip to San Diego.

Here's a preview of how the print will look in place. {Pay no mind to the manly arms in the photo.} Ever since he saw some interesting ones in an antiques shop, Kevin has been interested in starting a collection of canning jars. Maybe we can incorporate a few in this space, too.

I can't tell you how excited I am about these two new additions! In a funny way, they kind of make me feel a little more like a grown-up.

So, are you a collector? Do you have any bits of advice that might be helpful to us as we start out?



  1. I really like that oil painting! We're no collectors, but we've started to pick up some pieces of art when we travel. We only have 3 right now, but I'm looking forward to picking up more in the future.

  2. Those are both great pieces! I too love the tiny banners near the birds. And the jars are so realistic, I though they were real!

  3. I really love both of these!

    And it IS so grown up, to start collecting art :) I still buy my wall decor from Target, haha, so I'm definitely not grown up yet!

  4. Love them both and can't believe that's a painting!! Starting small's better than not starting at all. :) So fun!!


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