#click366 {photo-a-day project}

Never underestimate the power of the tweet, people!

Thanks to a productive bout of late-night tweets yesterday, a little something called #click366 not only exists, but is up + running! {Thanks, Kira!} If you've ever thought about tackling a photo-a-day challenge... that's exactly what it is + now is the perfect time to start! The best part is, YOU make the rules!

I'm putting my own twist on the year-long project by pairing #click366 with a personal challenge to do at least one creative thing every single day. I'll be hosting my photos on the marissamakes Tumblr page + you're welcome to check them out!

If you're interested in creating your own project, it's not too late! {Remember, you make the rules. haha} Just head over to the #click366 group page + follow the instructions to get on board. :o)


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