2012: Brand New Day

It's a brand new day.
The sun is shining.
It's a brand new day.
For the first time in a long, long time
I know I'll be okay.

-- Joshua Radin

I've never really been one for making resolutions. There are some things that I'd like to live consciously about, though, over the next 366 days. So I'll say that I'm going to try my best to:
  • worry less {about what I have no control over, what others think/say/do + the like}
  • take time {to spend in God's Word daily + to invest in those I love, even if it means putting off something I'd rather be doing at the moment}
  • drink more {more water, less of all that other stuff, especially chai}
  • TCB {take care of business... the unfinished kind, all that stuff I constantly think about but never do anything about}
  • embrace imperfection {it'll make my life much easier, a dear friend told me so... plus, I hear there's beauty in it}
So there you have them, the five things I'd like to focus on this year. Do you have a similar list?



  1. I love this entry, but not as much as I love you! I need to worry less too (WAY less) and take care of business more! We can do this (together, if you want) and we'll do it one step at a time. It's okay if we fall sometimes, too, because that's when we'll get back up. One minute, one hour, one day at a time, okay? I love you!

  2. Yay, these sound like great goals! Best of luck this year, Marissa!

  3. Best wishes on that chai one! ;) I'm going to have to, as well, because I really need to cut down on my sugar intake. And speaking from experience, deciding not to care what other people think is incredibly liberating and leaves you open for a lot more grace. Love this post, as my NYR are in this spirit too - conscious goals, but not super specific.

    Happy New Years, Marissa!! I'm glad you're in my life. :)

  4. Thank you, friends! It great to know that we have each other to spur + encourage on toward our goals! :o)


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