2011: Another Year on the Books

Well, hi there. It's been quite a while since I've posted... I really do hope that you've been well. After long absences like these, it's kind of scary checking back in for the first time. {These wise words describe my feelings best.}

Anyway, it's been on my heart for some time to stop by here and write one last thing before the big ball drops. If I can sit still long enough to finish this post, I may actually make it. The problem is, I'm not really sure where to start. It sounds cliché, but so much really has happened in my life... lots of it good, but a share of it bittersweet, too. I'm not sure what to share, what to keep to myself {which I do with an awful lot of things}, or how to do it.

So, I'll choose to highlight a handful of the bright spots:


I definitely made my way around the country this year! Most of the trips I made with Kevin {four times to CA}, some I made alone {New Orleans + NC}, and one I made with my dear old Dad {Iowa}. The most fun was a spur-of-the-moment, bought-the-tickets-a-day-in-advance trip to Los Angeles to surprise Kevin's brother and his new wife. It was all worth the looks on their faces as we walked into their kitchen {which, of course, I failed to capture on camera}.


This year marked one of trying new things as far as fitness goes. Jazzercise, Zumba, cardio kickboxing + spinning are a few of the classes I checked out. I wasn't great at all of them, but I did manage to laugh at myself {quite a bit} in the process.

I also took part in a three-month weight training study that taught me how to use all those machines I'd previously avoided at the gym, and more importantly, showed me that I'm stronger than I used to think! Oh yeah, and I've got the muscles to prove it! ;o)

I also got out on the running path and stayed healthy enough to complete my first long-distance event in almost THREE years: a half marathon earlier this month.


This year, Kevin joined me in the classroom on Sundays. It's been so much fun teaching the two-year-olds together + I really get a kick out of seeing those little guys climbing all over him! They sure love "Mister Kevin"! We've also become active behind the scenes at church, helping to build sets and decorate the sanctuary for a couple of the different series. It's a lot of fun and a real treat to see how it all comes together!

This summer we took part in City Serve, helping to restore the home of Miss Barbara, an inspiring woman in the West Grove. On my trip to New Orleans, I got to spend part of the day with fellow Weddingbee friends pitching in at the Lower 9th Ward Village, an area that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.


{Photo by Dana/Ms. Sloth}

Speaking of New Orleans, it was there that I finally met so many {close to 30!} of the lovely ladies that I've gotten to know by blogging though Weddingbee. I had four of the sweetest roommates and had a wonderful time exploring the city's offerings... especially the beignets! Mmm!

Kevin and I got to catch up with some of our favorite far-away people, too: our friends Jeremy, Laurel + our goddaughter Quinn who we visited on their trip to Sarasota earlier this year and also hosted at our home this week. Love those guys SO much!


The happiest development of 2011 is that I became a first-time auntie! My sister welcomed the sweetest little girl name Emilia this summer + she has totally captured my heart. I visited her in Raleigh a few weeks after she was born + celebrated her first Christmas with us here in Miami last week! :o)

This fall, my Dad and I made a trip to Iowa to spend time with my great aunt. It meant so much to me to get to see her again. It was also pretty special to visit the places that so many generations of my family lived and farmed on + to share with my Dad all that I've learned about them.


This year we did a lot in the way of making our mark on this place we call home. From little projects like sprucing up the side yard, to major ones like literally gutting out the master bathroom {a very GOOD thing, as you'll see!}, we've given a lot of our spare time and energy to fixing up the place!


Well, that gives you a taste of some of the good things I've been up to during my time away! Of course, there was also a healthy dose of crafting + making mixed in this year... but seeing as how this post is long enough already, I'll save that fun stuff for later.

I hope that you have been able to celebrate much sweetness this year. Looking forward, I hope that we all will have many blessings to count over the twelve months to come... especially those of health, happiness + beautiful moments with the ones we love!

Happy New Year, friends!



  1. What a wonderful year! Here's to a 2012 full of even more great times. :)

  2. Sounds like a great year (had a blast meeting you in NOLA!). Best wishes in the new year!

  3. Thanks, Layla! 2012 will be the best one yet!

    Lauren, I'm so glad that I got the chance to meet you! Happy new year to you + Chris!

  4. What a lovely year! And what a great way to do a round up!!


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