I Am Nothing

Well, look who's decided to finally make an appearance this year. You guessed it: me! There's so much I want to share about our Holidays, so I hope you're not all Christmas'd out just yet. And I'll get to it... or I'll at least try. But first, I want to talk about music.

It's no big shocker that the music we listen to says quite a bit about us as individuals. I'm not sure what a peek at my iTunes library might tell you. You'll find a crazy combination of Hank Williams, Sr., Ella Fitzgerald, The Allman Brothers and Bob Marley, with almost everything in between. There aren't many types that I don't like, to be honest. Anyway, this Sunday our pastor posed a rather tough question -- especially for this music lover: What is the theme song of your life?

Just to fill you in on the background, the context of our pastor's question was in relation to our study of Paul's experiences in the book of Acts, part of the "Unhindered" series that we're in the middle of right now. (It's pretty interesting, if I do say so myself!) Anyway, our pastor concluded that if Paul had a modern-day theme song for his life, it'd be "I Won't Back Down". Well, rock on, Paul! Tom Petty would be proud!

I'd never really thought about my own song until then. "Life is a Highway" (the Rascal Flatts' version) is the one that makes me crank up the volume and sing along at the top of my lungs, every single time. While it gets me moving, it doesn't really say too much about me. David Gray's "January Rain" is my all-time favorite, full of joy and hope, and the song that I walked down the aisle to. But, then again, it's instrumental and complicated to explain. "The Luckiest" is what Kevin and I rhumbaed to as the first dance at our wedding. But that's our song, not just mine. See what I mean about being tough?

As soon as we got to the car after service, it hit me. The one that I'd choose as my theme song didn't require much thought at all. Nearly five years ago, I'd selected eight words from its lyrics to be engraved on the back of my then-new iPod. The song is by Ginny Owens: "I Am Nothing". For me, its words are a reminder of what I'm here to do: love others. Being good and doing good has always come rather easy to me. It's not that hard for me to love good folks and the ones that love me back, either. But loving the unloveable, particularly those that have made times miserable for me, now that's some pretty challenging stuff. If there's one thing that I want to be said at the end of my life, though, it's that I loved.

So there you have it. It was a little deeper than I'd anticipated. But it feels good to dig in every now and then! On that note, do you have a theme song for your life? I'd really like to hear what it is and how you chose it.



  1. great reminder!
    Ginny Owens may have said it, but Paul (and really, the Spirit) said it first! 1 Cor. 13 often gets overlooked, or use exclusively in a romantic wedding love setting, but it's a great life theme!

  2. Rascal Flatts is my ALL TIME favorite band, I love their version of Life is a Highway. ;)

  3. Great post- I have always loved the song- You Can't always get what you want' by the Rolling Stones. I am so impatient that it's a great reminder that I need to slow down- and that eventually I'll get there.


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