Best of 2010: Felt Scissors Ornament

I've been dying to share this post since early December and really wish that I'd had it ready before Christmas. So, consider this an ornament swap show + tell, Handmade Holidays, my Best of 2010, and a peek-into-my creative-process post all wrapped into one. Seriously, it's my favoritest thing I made all last year! Hands down.

I guess I should let you in on my not-exactly-secret-yet-not-exactly-publicized blogging alter ego of sorts, since without that little tidbit, what's about to follow might seem like crazy talk. During the month before my wedding way back when, I was accepted as a blogger for Weddingbee. The pen name/avatar that I selected for myself was (big surprise), Yorkie. Anyway, every Christmas the "bees" participate in an event where ornaments in the likeness of our swapmates' avatars are exchanged. Well, this year, I had the good fortune of drawing this lovely lady, aka Mrs. Scissors. (See what I mean about crazy talk?)

Naturally, I decided to make my swap ornament from scratch. I decided on felt for the main ingredient. The first step in planning out my design was to stare at her awesome little icon for a while. (I so wish that I were a craft generation bee!)

After examining the illustration, I made a few sketches of what I had in mind.

Then, I whipped up a paper prototype that could also serve as a pattern.

I found the perfect colors of wool-blend felt on Etsy from The Daily Pincushion at a great price and with super-fast shipping. (If you need some felt, or maybe an adorable embroidered pincushion, check out Cathy's shop!) With the felt in tow, I made a quick trip to Michaels for some DMC floss color matching.

In order to give the ornament a little sturdiness to last for Christmases to come, I decided to give it some "bones". I took the paper pattern, traced it onto a piece of milk jug plastic (recycling!), and trimmed it away so that it would be slightly narrower than my cut felt pieces.

Yup, I'm a lefty! Not that you should be surprised! ;o)

Then I traced and cut the felt handles and blades.

Now, knowing the creative rockstar that Mrs. Scissors is, I really wanted to do something to take her ornament to the next level. Hmm... How about if the scissors actually opened and closed? Yesss! My little secret, concealed by the pink felt button, is a regular old paper-fastener/brad that serves as a hinge for the two "blades". Pretty cool, right?

Stitching together the felt-plastic-felt sandwich.

Before stitching the entire piece closed, I embroidered the year on it.

Here's a peek at the back of the top blade. The prongs held everything together.

Since the Scissors icon is actually a two-parter, I decided to make a mini garland in the likeness of the paper dolls as a finishing touch. As with the scissors, I free-handed a pattern which was used to make four little people.

Pin, cut... repeat, repeat, repeat!

Each piece was blanket-stitched and then strung together with its buddies.

I seriously debated keeping this one for myself. It sounds terrible, but it's true! I'd love to crank out a set of felt craft-tool ornaments... if I only had more time. Maybe if I start now, I can finish them before Christmas. Ha!

So there you have it. My favoritest project of 2010. It shouldn't come as a surprise that one of my favoritest crafts of 2009 were the ornaments that I made for Mrs. Corn during my first Weddingbee ornament exchange. This post is already picture heavy, what's a few more going to hurt? I present to you the 2009 cornaments!

The corn silk at the top was my favorite detail!

A peek at the flip side.

A little something for Mrs. C's tiny guy, G, aka Kernel!

What was your favoritest project of 2010? Did you make it for yourself or for someone else?



  1. Absolutely adorable! You are so talented. :)

  2. Wow, you are SO awesome with felt. Those ornaments are both amazing!

  3. LOVE. I totally want to take a embroidery class from you!

  4. That is....awesome! SO adorable!! You've totally got me wanting a felt tool set now...although for what, I'm not sure. I don't ever have a Christmas tree, lol.

  5. the scissors turned out so cute! you are such a great crafter.

  6. These are just so cool and thoughtful! I love the littler kernal for Mrs. Corn's child!! <3

  7. I'm with Melinda, I want to take an embroidery class from you - these are so fantastic, Marissa!

  8. Shhh don't tell - this was one of my fave ornaments from the exchange this year. ;) You did a fantastic job! I hope I'm lucky enough to have you as my secret Elfster someday :)

  9. My favorite ornament from 2010 was my corn and kernel ornament from 2009 ;)

  10. Aw, thank so much! I seriously look forward to this exchange every year just so that I can obsess over materials + designs. :o)

    I'm thinking a NOLA craft-in will definitely be in the cards sometime soon. Let me know if you're interested! ♥

  11. I seriously wish I knew how to stitch like that!

  12. This was my favorite of all the ornaments exchanged this year.

  13. You are so talented! My jaw dropped when I saw your ornament on Weddingbee!


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