Reverb 10: Wonder

If there's one thing about Reverb 10 that is changing the way I blog, it's that I'm getting quite a bit more personal than I ever have on here before. This prompt is no different. I've never really shared much more about the comings and goings in my life than the projects we've tackled and the things that I've made. I guess that's mainly because I've never really had a clear understanding of what I've wanted this blog to be. So, it's become pretty much show and tell for a little more than a year. Today, I'm daring myself to go a little deeper.

The one thing I've done this year which has cultivated a sense of wonder in my life is to pray.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I serve at University Baptist Church. I've attended UBC since I was in the second grade and have taught Sunday School for two-year-olds for the past five years. It wasn't until this year, though, that I did something to put my faith into action. I actively started praying for others on a daily basis.

This isn't something that I've ever shared with anyone. I keep a list of the cares, concerns and circumstances that weigh on the hearts of my loved ones and friends. At the end of each day, I meditate on the list and ask God to take control in each of those situations.

A lot of my prayers are for people that I've never met in person, some of whom I only know by first name. Most of the people I pray for don't even know that I do it. Sometimes my requests for are comfort, other times for healing or peace. Every time, though, it's with faith, knowing that I'm asking The One who has the power to move mountains yet still cares about the seemingly smallest of things.

I'm not sharing this so that you'll think I'm some faultless, saint of a person... because I'm not. I'm sharing because, every so often, I'll hear back from one of those people and know that God's been at work doing mighty things. Prayer has deepened my faith, given me a more compassionate heart, and allowed me to put my life and experiences into better perspective. The sense of wonder that it's cultivated reminds me that I'm part of something bigger than myself.

What is something you've done to nurture the wonder in your life?


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