Reverb 10: One Word

So, I totally missed the mark on NaBloPoMo, which I signed up for with the intention of becoming a more consistent blogger (by posting one entry every day for the month of November). I managed a total of one post for the entire month. Sigh.

Anyway, the exercise that has caught my attention this month (well, just yesterday, really) is Reverb 10: the online initiative to "reflect on your year and manifest what's next." With daily thought-provoking prompts, I think this is going to be a great way to gear up for everything that 2011 has in store. I just have to remember, it's not the amount that I write (which I usually get hung up on) that matters, but the quality of it. So, with that said, I'd better get started... I'm already a day behind!

- - - - - - - -

As a person who usually uses ten words when two will suffice, choosing just one to sum up an entire year seems daunting. Looking back on 2010, though, the word keeps coming to mind is growth.
This year has challenged me to prune specific areas of my life and nurture others, resulting in some very noticeable personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. I've really made an effort to cut back on what I consider my time-wasters (um, Facebook?) and instead focus on feeding the relationships in my life that truly matter, breaking out of my comfort zone (leaving a stable but no-longer-satisfying job, with major love + encouragement from Kevin), and finding ways to not only be present in my life, but to live it with purpose (my church has really stimulated growth in this area).

In the process of stretching myself and being stretched, I've learned to not take things so seriously, allow myself to worry less, to enjoy more, and to try new things. I've also realized that I'm a heck of a lot stronger than I thought.

Looking ahead toward 2011, the word that I hope to embrace is rooted. The branching out that I experienced this year is exciting, but I want to make sure that my growth is not just above ground. I want to live more deeply, if that make any sense. The image that I have in my mind is an ancient oak tree, with a sprawling network of roots digging deeply into the earth, helping to feed its core so it can stand tall and steady.

I'd love to find myself a year from know knowing that I not only weathered the seasons, but that I managed to yield a fruitful harvest in the process. I believe deep roots are the key. Knowing who I am, what I believe in, and that I am part of something bigger than myself. That way, when life-changing events come my way (either good or bad), I can remain firmly grounded, constant and consistent.

What one word best describes your year?



  1. I love your image of the oak tree for your 2011 word :) Great word!

  2. I love the way you stylized your words, and followed through with the analogy!! What a great goal for next year!


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