Reverb 10: Make

Boy, am I ever grateful for this prompt! It's like a two-in-one Reverb 10 + craft post. Thanks, Gretchen!

Confession time. I love participating in Holiday swaps... be it for cookies, ornaments or handmade cards. If I hear about it in time to sign up, I usually do. For me, there's something therapeutic about making things with my hands. It's especially gratifying when what I'm working on is for someone else.

This year I'm signed up for five exchanges, the newest addition being the Design Crush/Greedy Girl Calendar Swap. I was pretty excited when I saw Kelly Beall's tweet about it. I mean, seriously, what better way to look forward to 2011 than with a calendar handpicked especially for you! (Quite in tune with Reverb 10's manifest mission, don't you think?)

Anyway, the most recent thing that I made was this dish towel calendar for my swapmate, Ryan of Wicked Mint. Considering the lovely custom-printed + sewn wares in her Etsy shop, I thought textiles would be the perfect way to go. After the year's over, Ryan can use the towel in her kitchen or maybe transform it into one of her sweet little pouches!

Designed by Monica Meehan, printed by Spoonflower on a fat quarter of linen-cotton canvas.

Mitered hems and pole pocket were machine stitched.

Half-inch oak dowel, acrylic paint + colored crochet thread make a pretty hanger.

I added a little note with well wishes for the New Year and sent it all off to New York.

One thing that I'd really like to make someday is a quilt, ála my friend Holly at Bijou Lovely. (Her creations are unbelievably gorgeous!) In order to accomplish it, though, I'll not only need to clear time to make it, but time to learn how to quilt, too. That is, after I finish up with my commitments for this year's other exchanges: Brooklyn Bride's Holiday Card Swap, Handmade Miami's Holiday Cookie Exchange, Weddingbee Holiday Card Swap, and a handmade ornament for one special Bee (details to be blogged soon). I told you I loved Holiday swaps!

Do you love making + giving gifts as much as receiving them? Are you participating in any swaps this Holiday season? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. So, so cute! Love the detail of the painted dowel rods!

  2. That's really pretty.. and incredibly thoughtful!! Ryan's going to love, I can tell.

  3. Thank you for the shout out! The details are lovely: the painted dowel ends and the pretty teal hanging cord.


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