Reverb 10: Let Go

This year I let go of the idea that I'm too old to do anything about my dreams. For a while now, I've had ideas for a businesses that I'd love to start. I've never allowed myself to develop the them, though, because I feared that at 32, I'd seem crazy to take off in a completely different direction. A direction in which I really have no experience.

Changing jobs this year reminded me that, while I really enjoy what I'm doing right now, it's still not what I want to be doing forever. And that's OK. The truth is, there may very well be more than one thing out there that will bring me joy and satisfaction. What's really stopping me from trying them out?

Over the past several months, I've allowed myself to investigate what it might take to make a couple of those businesses possible. Books by Kari Chapin and Meg Mateo Ilasco have taken a lot of the scariness away, replacing it with practical advice on how to approach such a venture. I've also taken the opportunity to attend a handful of workshops offered at the entrepreneurship center on campus. Knowledge is power, after all, right?

Whether these ideas materialize into a little Etsy shop run from home in my spare time or a full-fledged brick-and-mortar storefront, is not terribly important to me. Knowing that I've given the spark of an idea a chance to develop into something potentially wonderful is what means the most.

Here's to letting go and going forth!



  1. i admire your courage to let go and going forth. wishing you the very best on your next venture :)

  2. Thanks, Honey! You inspire me with your Etsy shop + lovely creations. :o)

  3. Never too old!! In fact, isn't getting excited about new ventures the thing that keeps us feeling young and enthusiastic about life? Good luck with your new project -- can't wait to hear about your plans and successes.


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