Reverb 10: Community

This year, I discovered community through social media. Twitter, specifically. Who would have thought that you can not only meet folks from near and far, but develop actual friendships with them, all in increments of 140 characters or less at a time. Definitely not me.

But I have and am now using the symbols "@" and "#" more often in one day than I probably did before in one year. Thanks to chat events like Craft Social and Crafterminds, I've met some wonderful folks who've inspired me in creativity and life in general. I've also been able to connect on a greater level with my Weddingbee sisterhood (the online community that made its mark on my life in a huge way last year). It's because of tweets from @kaileenelise and @mnlightmagnolia that I'm riding the Reverb 10 wave right now!

In 2011, the community that I hope to plug into with a little more is the local craft scene here . I've already met a few great girls through Handmade Miami this year. I look forward to getting to know them better and making some new creative, in-real-life friends as I work toward finally hanging up my own little shingle this coming year!


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