Transformation: The Guest Room

If there's anything that'll put a fire under our feet to fix up the house, it's the knowing that guests are coming over. The guests in this case are my sister and her husband, who will be staying with us over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Up until recently, our guest room pretty much belonged to Tess and Berkeley. Their litter box occupied the closet. Their food and water bowls sat upon an empty futon frame, safely out of Bella's reach. (The reason that there's no mattress is that, as a kitten, Tess took to peeing on it... and well, we never got around to replacing it.) The only other thing in the room was the cats' four-story tower. In short, the room was neglected and needed much love.

Plain Jane old ceiling fan that Kevin hated with a passion.

One of the five different styles of blinds that came with the house.

Hard at work on the ceiling after ripping out the baseboard.

Here's a basic list of what was done to the the room (in no particular order):
  • replaced baseboard
  • replaced ceiling fan
  • replaced blinds
  • patched over abandoned heating vent
  • painted ceiling, walls, closet doors + baseboard
  • installed closet organization system
  • moved in dresser and sofa bed (and upgraded the mattress!)
  • hung up wall art
  • added finishing touches
In two short weeks, we managed to pull together a space that will hopefully provide a restful night's sleep for our guests this week and in years to come. There were MANY late nights, countless trips to Home Depot, Target and Crate & Barrel, a couple minor glitches that all worked out in the end, and some major inspiration help from the talented Sugar at Modern Organic Living.

We celebrated with a mini wrap-party in the wee hours of this morning... I had a bowl of cereal (I was SO hungry) and Kev a well-deserved Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Good thing, too, because my sister's flight lands in an hour!

First glance

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore "Edgecomb Gray", with white trim.

Round mirror, interlocking shelves, media basket, vase

Practicing the "rule of odds"

Emmy Rug (My favorite addition to the room!), pillow covers

Hoopla lamp, accent table, knitted throw

Michael Schwab posters (LOVE his work!)

Lil Tuffy poster

Ork poster that I gifted to Kevin one year. (Keep reading for how you can win one!)

Beautiful new ceiling fan

The room developed a California theme, with the posters that we've collected over the years. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, Kevin is originally from the Bay Area and we head back there a couple times a year.

Home is where the heart is!


LISTEN UP: M+C over at Forty20Four are giving away an Ork poster! You should head on over and enter!


  1. Love the redesign! It looks so great!

  2. Marissa- I love it!! And thank you so much for the shout out!! I plan on posting your inspiration boards the second week of Dec!

  3. Wow! The redesign looks awesome! You did a great job.

  4. I love the bike poster and the room looks great.

  5. You did a great job in transforming the guest room! I absolutely love the change! And the new ceiling fan is definitely a centerpiece. The light it gives out is so soothing it makes you want to just sit there, close your eyes, and do nothing. Haha!


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