Roasted Salmon + Lemon Relish

Yesterday I mentioned a little about how we're trying to eat vegetables more regularly. Along with that mission, we'd like to cut down on our amount of red meat eaten (we LOVE us some burgers!) and work more fish and chicken recipes into the fold.

During our Sunday meal-planning session, Kev and I each selected a fish dish to try this week. I'm a huge fan of salmon, so my eyes quickly settled on the Roasted Salmon + Lemon Relish recipe from -- what else -- my favorite cookbook.

I fixed it for dinner last night. From the first bite, it became an instant favorite! Not only for me, but for Kevin, too. I'm not sure if it's from growing up in California or what, but he's never been very big on seafood. I don't think he'd ever tasted Snapper or Dolphin (the fish, not the porpoise) until he moved to Miami. Anyway, we now know he loves roasted salmon!

The relish really added a new, delicious twist for me. It's made with slivered lemon zest, raisins, toasted pine nuts, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, and a little salt + pepper. So good! Plus, the cushy beds that the salmon fillets rested on were made from about ¾ of bag of baby spinach. Score!

A little lesson that I learned last night: keep an eye on the pine nuts as they toast! Those little suckers were burning in less than half the recommended cooking time. To make matters worse, in my panic, I dumped the smoking nuts straight into a new garbage bag without letting them cool first. Not my brightest idea, as you can see.

Anyway, for the second night in a row, dinner has been a home-cooked success! I know that they all won't be so great, but I'm really having fun shaking things up in the kitchen.

Are there certain foods that you're either trying to eat more or less of? What are they and why?



  1. O.K., you are officially linked in my blog. I love the pictures so much we had salmon for dinner tonight.

  2. salmon - one of my favorite foods - can never have too much salmon - thanks!


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