Wakefield Chandelier

Alright, boys and girls. I've made you wait long enough. Great job on the pop quiz, by the way! (A shiny gold star to each of you that helped out this stumped blogger, plus an extra one for being so patient!) The majority of you want to hear more about the awesome chandelier, so here it goes.

Way back in February, Kevin and I were on the hunt for the perfect light fixture for our dining room. The one that the house came with when we bought it (picture golden sculpted roses creeping up from the inside of a dingy frosted glass bowl... very 80's chic) was much too small for the space, hung about 10 feet away from where our table sits, and is definitely not our style.

Before: Misplaced, mismatched lamp (plus a peek at our painted cabinets)

With two fistsful of Pottery Barn gift cards in hand, we agreed to focused our initial search on the PB offerings and hope for the best. As with every visit to their website, I headed straight for the sale page. To my surprise, I found something that immediately caught my eye: the Wakefield Chandelier.

The three-tiered iron chandelier struck me as a really cool focal piece for our spacious dining room area. I'd certainly never seen any thing like it before. I loved the soft glow of the aged book pages. I saw its potential as a dynamic display that we could change on a whim. Family photos, genealogy charts, Christmas cards... really, anything that fits in a bulldog clip is game! But then I got to wondering: Is it too different? Would it get too dusty? Would we soon regret it? After a few minutes of looking at the other offerings under Lighting, I cast those doubts aside, called Kevin into the room and showed him my find. "Yes! Let's get it!"

With a few keystrokes, the Wakefield was ours. I consider it a major score, since we got it on final clearance for $179.99 (reg. $300), with free shipping! Plus, since it only used up a tiny chunk of our gift card cache, we could keep an eye out for other great pieces to cozy up our home with.

Kev and I are now in the process of scouring Ebay and a few specialty sites, building a collection of vintage postcards that hold a special significance for us. You can see some of them in the first photo above. Care to take a guess as to what they all have in common?

What kinds of items would you display on the Wakefield? I'd love to hear them!



  1. Great find!! I absolutely love this chandelier

  2. the chandelier is awesome!

    i'm guessing you're putting up postcards of places you've visited together?

  3. I LOVE, Love, love this chandelier! I missed out, since I first saw this one in PB, thinking I would wait til it was on sale... sadly, I forgot about it until now and PB doesn't carry it any longer! I found your blog as I was googling the Wakefield Chandelier! Yay, for you on your purchase!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. I would like to thanks for sharing this information for House clearance wakefield...

  5. Hey Marissa! I am SO late to the party on this chandelier. We're remodeling our new home right now and my current mission is finding the perfect lighting for over our dining table.

    ...this is SOOO random but let me know if you're tired of yours yet and would like to sell it {yes...I'm serious!}. Or if you know of any blogs that have a diy.

    I'm loving your blog and found you simply through Googling around trying to find a Wakefield Chandelier.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  6. ummm....just realized I didn't leave any contact information {haha minor detail}, in case you really would be interested in selling it or have seen a diy.

    Thanks again!


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