Stringing Along

A couple of months ago, the stars finally aligned and I got the chance to take a class at Natural Expressions, my favorite little shop in downtown Los Gatos. It's the most amazing of stores... serving up a dizzying selection of beads, plus lengths of fabric in the yummiest patterns around. It's the kind of place that my husband might have to drag me out of after spending over an hour across the street waiting at the Apple Store. (Hmm. This may have already happened a time or two, come to think of it.)

Anyway, during our visit in July, I made plans with my mother-in-law for a girls afternoon out. When we learned that there was a class being offered a couple of days before our flight home, we squealed with delight! You see, every single other time I've been in the Bay Area, I've missed out on a lesson by exactly. one. day.

So, armed with a card of yellow silk thread, a few dozen beads, a tube of G-S Hypo Cement and a pointy pair of tweezers, I settled in next to Dione at the table to learn the basics of bead knotting. Our instructor, Michelle, was super friendly and took the time to teach us her tips and tricks, like how to get our knots tight and perfectly placed.

It was a lot of fun, I got to learn a skill and spend time with one of my very favorite ladies. Talk about win-win-win!

As a primarily self-taught maker of things (thanks to books, YouTube, and general curiosity), I've kind of missed out on the social aspect that crafting with others brings. (Perhaps that's why I'm so excited about Handmade Miami's monthly get-togethers!)

How about you? Have you ever taken crafting classes? Do you prefer to craft with others or on your own?


PS: If you're ever in "the 408" (as our friend, Roy, so affectionately calls it), be sure to stop by Natural Expressions. You won't regret it!

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  1. this is so pretty. i really like those colors together.


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