September is National Sewing Month

There seems to be a month for every cause and activity under the sun. Well, stitchers, rejoice! September officially belongs to you. Today kicks off National Sewing Month!

In honor of all things needle and thread, I've put together this little treasury of sewing-themed Etsy finds. I'm in love with the little thimble garden! (You can click on the image for a better view.)

thimble planters | tape measure watch | vintage spools | bobbin dollies
dress form papercut | ladybug + leaf set | cute sewing pins
make do + mend | sewing machine print

As a seamstress' granddaughter and lover of all things handmade, I've longed to learn to sew for quite some time. I think it's a combination of the whole measurements/calculations thing (I'm so NOT a numbers person) and a cautious fear of sewing machines that has made me shy away for this long. I'm ready to get stitching seriously, though... and actually tried my hand at it over the weekend. There results weren't half-bad and, as you can see, I survived! :o)

Here is a contests and a couple of giveaways that are being held in celebration of the month:

Do you sew? How did you learn? What's your favorite thing that you've made?


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  1. I started last November (learned from the S.E.W book). It was HARD at first...cutting perfectly and measuring. It was almost hair pulling tedious, but I've gotten the hang of it, and love knowing that I can make tall enough PJ pants for me, as well as cute custom items.


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