Our Number's Up!

After several months -- like, um, nine -- we finally have a proper house number. When the house was being prepped for exterior painting last November, we pried the wood-grain plastic numbers off the wall, painted them black and propped them up in a front window. That's the only thing that has identified our house until now.

We kept putting off the purchase in favor of applying funds to more important causes, like updating all of the electrical outlets (which were 2-prong and had no grounding pins!) and vet bills for our pup who was super sick at the beginning of this year. (Not to worry... she's healthy now and back to her spry self!)

Anyway, it feels like such a relief to finally have a permanent solution. Here's a quick look at the progression from what we started with, how we made do, and what we've got now:

The number plaque that we chose (in black with silver) is made by Whitehall Products and can be ordered through a number of retailers, like The Home Depot. We bought ours from Mailbox and Beyond, which offered the lowest price + free shipping.

So, what do you think? Much better, eh?



  1. Love the new number. Modern and simple.
    Now you make me want to order one for my place! I'm tired of my gold numbers.... placed at a diagonale (puke)

  2. I like it. We just got ours put up a month or so ago.


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