Favorite Find: KEEN Footwear

As soon Kevin and I started dating, I became intrigued by his funky sandals with the chunky rubber toe. I'd never before heard of KEEN shoes, but after noticing them on him, it was as if they suddenly started popping up everywhere. It's funny how things are like that sometimes.

After all of these years, I finally picked up my first pair at the REI in Los Gatos, the day before heading to the cabin this summer. With so many styles and shades, it took me a while to decide on a pair... but I finally settled on the Newport H2 in Dark Citron, a yummy kiwi color.

Initial fears of looking like I have Shrek feet subsided as soon as I slipped them on for their first trek about town. It was then that I knew: I'd found something very good.

Here are a few shots from their maiden voyage to the cabin...

Crossing a stream on the trails

Demonstrating their waterproofness in the Yuba River

Casually kicking back in Downieville

The Newport H2's definitely got the lion's share of wear during our week at the cabin. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see KEEN listed as a featured sale on Rue La La the week we returned home! As soon as the sale began, I added a few different pairs to my cart and then deliberated a while on which one would make the final cut.

On Wednesday evening, a box was waiting for me at the front door. Inside was my very first Rue La La purchase: a pair of Coronado printed sneakers in Misted Yellow. Cute, huh? (Even more so considering the $2o I saved on them. Woohoo!)

I can't wait to wear them to work this morning... Casual Friday's finally here!

With two pairs of KEEN in less than a month, Kevin may just have created a monster! ;o)

If you haven't yet heard of Rue La La, it's a website featuring two-day sales on brands you know and love. Membership is free, but by invitation only. You are welcome to check out the site using my invitation link, New members joining by August 8th will receive a $10 account credit just for signing up!

Do you have any "favorite finds" that were introduced to you by your significant other? What are they?



  1. daaaaang I wish I hadn't missed that Rue La La boutique. I get the emails... but I must not have seen the Keens. I have that same green pair of newport H2s - and now the Mr. has a pair too. They rule, don't they? My mom got me in to them.

  2. I looove my keens! They look a little funny but are oh so comfortable!


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