Hello, Neighbor!

A few months ago, I made the acquaintance of one of our wilder neighbors. While letting the dog out early one Saturday, I almost stumbled over this little Florida Box Turtle. She was in our backyard, munching on a bit of grass that was still wet with morning dew.

I have a feeling that her burrow is tucked somewhere among the thick line of Areca palms that runs across the back of our property. There's a lake across the road that I'm sure she frequents. Every once in a while, I'll catch her scooting under our fence, headed in that direction.

It's funny. Now that I'm aware of her, I'll usually try to seek her out in the morning while Bella is off taking care of business. I don't always find her, but when I do it definitely puts a smile on my face!

In addition to this little critter, we've also discovered a family of Eastern Screech Owls that call our neighborhood home. Hopefully I'll be able to snap a photo of them -- or maybe some video -- one of these nights.

What kind of wildlife resides in your backyard?



  1. This is one thing I miss about living in the suburbs. Growing up at my parents' house, we always found turtles, snakes, and even a family of foxes (the mommy fox would bring her babies to come drink out of our pool). Nowadays — living in a city — I'm lucky if I see anything aside from dogs or cats.

  2. What a cutie - I'm with Geek In Heels, as a suburban gal now living in the city, I miss these moments!


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