Tending the garden

I'm a doodler. Evidence of this can be found in the margins and corners of most pages in my high school and college notebooks, not to mention the Post-Its that litter my desk at work and the weekly grocery list that hangs from our fridge. If there's paper lying around, there's a good chance it'll eventually be marked by yours truly with a little flower, some swirly script or whatever else comes to mind.

Lately, I've taken to scribbling about in Kevin's office. Every day after work, while waiting for him to wrap things up, I add something new to the "garden" that has sprouted on his dry-erase board. It's fun and it keeps me occupied for the few minutes while I wait. Thankfully, Kevin doesn't mind!

His & Hers: scientific scrawling + girlie graffiti

I wonder if he'd let me cover the whole board with blossoms and vines?

Are you a doodler, too? Where do you usually make your mark?



  1. Do you and Kevin work at the same place?
    We have a similar situation...Eric is a student at the place where I work!

    impressive doodling!

  2. Katie, we do work together! I admit the students & he teaches them. :o)

  3. Wow, I second that: that's really impressive doodling! I used to be a doodler...not sure what happened. I love that you call it "tending the garden" and the doodles grow and grow.


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