It's that time of year!

If you live in Miami, I'm sure you've noticed them. They're definitely hard to miss! The Royal Poincianas all over South Florida are in full, glorious bloom.

It seems like every time we drive (or even walk) somewhere, I can't help but point out their flaming red-orange boughs and be a little envious that we don't have one in our own yard. Stretches of the street we live on are lined with them... and there are amazing specimens to be found all over the campus where I work.

Here are a few shots of one of my favorite trees... where on a nice day, I can usually be found eating lunch or reading a book in its shade. Come to think of it, I guess I'm pretty lucky after all!

What's blooming in your neck of the woods these days?



  1. I'm still getting used to the foliage of SoCal, but we have purple flowering trees called jacarandas that are blooming now and they're SO pretty!

  2. Our neighbor has a jacaranda right on our property line! It's in bloom, too... so pretty! Every morning my little orange Beetle has a handful of purple blossoms scattered over it. :o)


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