Introducing Tess

Hello, I'm Tess!

Tee, Tessie-cat, Tessen, Jabba, Princess Pink Toe, Frecklefoot

"wearing" mama's shoes, laying on damp towels, sneaking into the craft room, cleaning Berkeley's ears, dipping a paw into her water every time she takes a drink

Bella's attempts at being friendly, interrupted naps, mockingbirds in the backyard

Favorite toys:
A scrap of felted blue sweater, a paper shopping bag, her piece of yellow ribbon

Favorite nap spot:
Sunny windowsill overlooking the yard, the back corner of the couch directly beneath the ceiling fan, entryway rug

Favorite food:
Iams diet kitty food, Greenies treats, string cheese (when she can get some)

using her paw to scoop food out of her bowl and into her mouth, while reclining; leaping; stealing random household items and burying them in her food or drowning them in her water

Arrival story:
Tess joined our family in 2007 when Kevin adopted her from Miami-Dade Animal Services. She was a three-month-old kitten at the time... a tiny thing then, but just as feisty as she is today!

** Stay tuned for profiles on Berkeley and Bella, the other crazy critters that fill our lives with love, laughter and the occasional headache. **

Who are the pets that help "keep things real" in your home?


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