Favorite Find: Botan Rice Candy

When I travel, I love to explore the different neighborhoods of the place I'm visiting... to see how its people live and taste what its people eat. Last Thanksgiving while visiting Kevin's family in the Bay Area, we spent a day roaming about San Francisco. We spent quite a while in Chinatown, taking in all of its colors, smells and sounds. It truly is a fascinating place!

Anyway, it was there in an Asian market that I got the chance to try something that's become an instant favorite: Botan Rice Candy. I'd heard about this Japanese treat with the "edible wrapper" for quite some time. Here's a look at my introduction.

The peony and dog decorating the box are so charming!

Not very many ingredients, all of which I can pronounce. Good sign.

Reading this definitely upped the anticipation level for me!

Outer wrapper: NOT edible

Inner wrapper: magically dissolves in your mouth

Like Cracker Jack, there's a prize in each box of Botan Rice Candy. Fun!

As a lover of gummy and chewy sweets, I quickly took a liking to rice candy. The best way to describe its texture and taste is that it's like a slightly softer Orange Slice, minus the sugar-dredged exterior. Mmm! With only six pieces in the box, the toughest part for me was trying not to eat them all on the drive back to Los Gatos. Not easy!

Have you made any delightfully delicious discoveries during your travels? What were they?



  1. Fun!! My aunt + uncle + cousins lived in Japan in the mid-80s and always used to bring home fun stuff. I remember getting this candy quite often! Loved it :)

  2. Great Post! I have a collection on Botan Rice Candy Stickers. Check them out at


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