Cabin Fever

In a few short weeks, we'll be heading to one of my favorite places on Earth.

Tucked away in the mountains of northern California is a little cabin that has been in Kevin's family for nearly half a century. For two weeks every summer, it's where I go to get away from the hectic pace of city life. The towering wolf lichen-covered pines, snowmelt streams, and lush wildflower gardens make it easy. A lack of television, internet, and cell phone reception helps, too.

It's where I'll roam around with camera in tow, capturing butterflies, chipmunks, chubby little robins and anything else that passes through my viewfinder. I'll take a moment to sit on a boulder, deeply inhale the fresh mountain air, and think about what truly matters.

Days will be filled with rock-skipping lessons at Sardine Lake, pollywog catching contests in chilly Sand Pond, hikes to the Sierra Buttes and Love Falls Bridge, and even some gold panning in the Yuba. When I'm feeling a little lazy, I'll curl up with a favorite book or work on the daily crossword in The Sacramento Bee.

In the late afternoon, we'll drive down to Bassett's for homemade Peanut Butter Cup ice cream or maybe Graeagle for an icy root beer float at the FrosTee. Both will be welcome and refreshing treats in the dry, 90-something-degree heat.

After dinner (which is always eaten at a long, makeshift table with a seat for everyone), we'll play board games, make s'more and share slideshows of the day's photographic catch. Stargazing from the hammock in the yard is our favorite way to end each night. I honestly believe you can see every star in the universe from there.

On it's own, this little plot in the Tahoe National Forest is wonderful and amazing. But what makes it best is the time that I get to spend there with people I love: Kevin, his parents, brother, sister, and their families.

At peak capacity, the two-story cabin has held eight grownups, three little girls and a big Black Lab named Makeba. We definitely get cozy!

Switchbacks, Camelbaks and piggybacks... bring it on! I can barely wait!

Where do you go to get away from it all?



  1. I haven't gotten away from it all in a very long time...

  2. That place looks glorious! I'm sure you're in for a relaxing, adventuresome getaway!
    enjoy the time with family :-)

  3. That looks amazingly fun!! Enjoy. And let us know if you are in SF!

  4. So glorious! My family's "summer getaway" spot was just north of there in Plumas County! So many wonderful lazy day memories!
    I don't have a modern getaway spot, sadly, but we try to escape for breakfasts in Yountville before the tourists wake up... and day trips to Tahoe as well!

  5. @Eddie: Um, what do you call San Diego? ;o)

    @Katie & Sugar: Thanks! We'll be in SF toward the end of the trip!

    @kimmichelle: There are so many great trails in Plumas Co.! I love the Bear Lakes Loop. So very different from what we have here in Miami!


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