Handmade Holidays: Dove Card

Last year, I signed up for the Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap. I had so much fun sending out and receiving handmade cards, that I signed up again for it this year... as well as two other card exchanges. Knowing that I'd be making this year's 20+ cards while visiting Kev's family over Thanksgiving, I decided on a design simple enough to replicate many times over, using items readily available at most large craft stores.

The message that I want to share through this year's card is one of peace, hope and joy... which, to me, are the essence of Christmas itself. The symbol that I chose to represent the season is the dove. Instead of the traditional red and green scheme, I settled on a more tranquil palette of aqua, olive and gold.

Here are the ingredients that I used to make them, as well as a few step-by-step images showing the process.



  1. this is such a cute card!! where did you find that stamp? I need to stamp the insides of our xmas cards with a message and that one is perfect!

  2. Thanks ladies! Holly, I found the stamp at Michaels in a little Christmas craft section near the front of the store. (All of the supplies are from Michaels, actually!)

  3. What a lovely card :) I would feel so special to receive one of those in the mail.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I think I'll go check it out to see if I can find one :)


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