Phabulous Philly: Day 2

As I mentioned before, Kevin and I are history geeks. We're also pretty big on the National Parks System. (I love adding stamps to my Parks Passport!) So, for a number of reasons, Valley Forge was a must-see on our list of places to check out while in Philadelphia.

In addition to serving as the headquarters of Gen. George Washington and the Continental Army during the winter of 1777-78 in the Revolutionary War and its designation as a National Historical Park, Valley Forge also has personal significance for me. My seventh-great-grandfather was stationed there with the 11th Massachusetts Regiment during that infamous winter. He served as a surgeon. (Yup, we're genealogists, too.)

Anyway, we had a wonderful time exploring the grounds, visiting the original house that Gen. Washington lived and worked in during his time there, and taking in the crisp air and the beauty that is fall in southeast Pennsylvania.

Here is some of what we saw...

After a taking in our fill at Valley Forge, we headed back to the city for a delicious dinner with Jeremy+Laurel at pod, an funky little Asian place tucked away in the "University City" neighborhood.

Next up: Day 3, which featured an amazing indoor market, an old broken bell, and the birthplace of our great nation, Independence Hall.


PS: If you missed out on the first post in this series, you can find it here.

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