Inheriting the Earth (and a few other things)

Before closing on our house, every single time we visited it (easily seven different occasions), there was a dingy old Jeep Wrangler in the garage. I'm not sure if it belonged to the seller or maybe even the realtor (that really wouldn't surprise me!). I definitely thought it was strange and after a while started to wonder if it was ever going to be removed.

Needless to say, the very first thing I did when we walked through the door as the new owners was check the garage. I was so relieved to find that the Jeep was finally gone! The sellers did leave us a few random items, though, including a filthy (but sturdy!) 8 ft. Husky ladder and a dusty old globe screwed onto a make-shift two-by-four wood base.

Here are a few other bonus items that came along with the house...

I found this collection of 13 pre-lit, glittery birthday candles in a drawer. I wonder who might have made a wish on these over the years.

This jack-o-lantern smiles at us from a shelf in the garage. Instead of containing candy, it held three dog-mauled tennis balls (which have since been disposed of).

We found this funky, critter-covered oven mitt behind the refrigerator. I'm a little scared of what may be living inside it.

These were among the more harmless things that we inherited with the house. (The electrical issues, on the other hand, are for a post of their own, ugh.) Right now, we're in the middle of packing for this weekend's big move. As soon as I have a chance, I'll share our paint options with you. (Opinions will definitely be welcome!)



  1. I'm wondering why they thought you'd enjoy a globe attached to a 2x4 and the rest of those things?! I understand that maybe they just didn't know what to do with them, but leaving it for someone else to remove is kind of rude! I'm now expecting a globe repurpose into something much more pretty from you :)

  2. Well, that's kind of what I thought they'd do with the Jeep! I'm quite sure it probably didn't run. I told Kevin I wanted the keep the globe and fix it up. Poor Mother Earth is literally coming apart at the seam -- er, equator!

  3. Our previous-owners left an old snowmobile shield, a can crusher, a shot-glass from St. Thomas, and a plunger (ew) among other random things.


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