Happy Friday, friends!

The weekend's finally here! I don't know about you, but I've been ready for it since about, oh, Tuesday. :o)

There's quite a bit on the menu for the next two days, beginning with the University's homecoming parade and boat burning tonight. Other highlights include tomorrow's 16-mile training run (which isn't nearly as bad as the fact that we start at 4:30am), the 'Canes game against Virginia (I really hope we win!), finalizing paint choices for the outside of the house, formally introducing the little monsters (aka the dog and cats), teaching the twos on Sunday morning (I've missed them!), and making treats for the next round of Baking GALS. Whew, I'll probably need a weekend just to recover from this one!

What do you have on the slate? Whatever the weekend holds for you, I hope it's great!


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