Giving a little support...

I spent the last two weekends doing just that. How, you ask? Well, with our oven of course! :o)

If you've never heard of Baking GALS, you should check it out. It's an awesome movement of folks from across the country (many of them bloggers), who bake all sorts of sweet stuff for the enjoyment of brave U.S. troops deployed overseas. I learned of Baking GALS from my friend Amy, who blogs here and here.

I joined two teams this round. One of them was baking for a young soldier named Jonathan, who's currently stationed in Salerno and won't be returning stateside for the Holidays. The other group that I baked for was sending treats to the Wounded Warriors Unit who are recovering at the San Diego Naval Medical Center. Hopefully they'll all know how much they are loved and appreciated by everyone participating!

To me, not much else says "warm thoughts from home" like a cookie made from scratch. The oatmeal + chocolate chip + pecan recipe from Smitten Kitchen was my cookie of choice. Here are some shots from the first day.

Wishing I had my KitchenAid stand mixer.

Jumbo chocolate chips for extra mmm!

From these unassuming globs...

... to these delicious treats! Magic!

Packaging supplies

Bits of apple peel between layers keeps 'em fresh!

One down, five more to go!

Don't forget it!

The next couple of rounds of Baking GALS are slated to deliver in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. If you're interested in sending a little good cheer overseas this year, please join! There are so many men and women soldiers who could use that extra little something from home.

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  1. What a beautiful project! How do you ensure that what you send doesn't go stale?


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