Cantaloupe + Honey + Lime

Who knew that these three simple ingredients, when added together, make one ridiculously delicious and refreshing treat? Definitely not me. I'm not really a huge melon fan (it's not the taste but the texture). So when I stumbled upon this recipe for cantaloupe that doesn't require me to eat it in chunks, I figured I'd give it a try.

I found the recipe in what's quickly becoming our go-to guide for weeknight meals, Everyday Food: Great Food Fast. (It's one of the three cookbooks that we picked up at B&N last month!) I'm not sure if you'd classify this dish as a salad, side or dessert. It really works well as any one of those!

First, I took a vegetable peeler to the reserved half cantaloupe from the granita experiment. I shaved off long strips, as thin as possible, until it was all sliced up.

Then I transferred the strips to a medium-sized bowl and topped them with a quarter cup of honey.

Finally, I added the zest and juice of one lime and gave it all a good toss. That's all there is to it! Simple, huh?

I honestly can't tell you enough how surprisingly well these three flavors go together. You'll just have to taste it for yourself! :o)


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