#WEverb12: watch

This is a tough one!  There have been so many good ones that I've seen this year.  It's rather tempting to choose one of my more recently seen favorites, like Skyfall or Argo, whose heart-racing adventure scenes are still fresh in my memory.  So to be fair, I took some time to revisit the list of this year's movies + make my pick.  If I had to choose just one, I think it would be Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

I'm not really good at giving movie reviews, so I'll just outline some of the things that endeared Moonrise Kingdom to my heart.  Maybe they'll do the same for you.

  • delightfully awkward {just like stories of young love should be!}
  • incredibly talented cast
  • great soundtrack peppered with Hank Williams songs
  • beautiful New England seaside setting
  • Jessica Hische created the film titles
  • um, the cutest little kitten in a basket!

OK, your turn... Which one of this year's many films would you recommend?


PS:  You, too, can reflect + renew with #WEverb12.


#WEverb12: compose

-- 2012 --
Trav'lers were we
Plotting our route day by day
Mountains, prairies, sea

-- 2013 --

Hold hands {ours in His}
Breathe so deeply; peace inside
Hope and joy fill hearts


PS: You, too, can reflect + renew with #WEverb12.


Handmade + Heartfelt: Embroidered Pin

Remember the FaveCrafts Valentine swap that I mentioned? Well, here's the card that I made for Barbara, my exchange partner. I stitched her an embroidered felt pin so that she can wear her heart on her sleeve tomorrow.

Here's how I made mine so that you can make one for yourself or someone you love...

In order to make sure that the pin fit properly in the card, I made a template based on the size of the cutout window I planned on making in the card.

Using the template, I cut two identical hearts out of red eco-felt.

The ingredients I used in the next steps were embroidery floss, a needle, and a bar-shaped pin.

I embroidered a sweet little design on the heart that would become the front of the pin. I cut two small slits in the other heart so that I could insert the ends of the bar-shaped pin through the felt. I stitched through each of the holes in the bar, securing it to the heart and making sure that all knots were on the same side of the felt as the bar. This way the metal body of the pin could be neatly hidden inside the heart once both sides were sewn together.

Using red embroidery floss, I blanket-stitched the two shapes together. Because I was mailing the pin on a card, I decided to leave it flat. {For a puffy heart, just add a pinch or two of fiberfil between the layers as you sew the pin closed.}

Lastly, I made a single-fold card with pink cardstock, punched a cutout window, hand-lettered a cute message + pinned the heart in place. A homemade envelope from polka-dot scrapbook paper wrapped it all up. I really hope Barbara likes it!

Do you have any special plans with your sweetie for Valentine's Day tomorrow?

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